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Welcome to The Remembrancer Order!

Only in death does duty truly end

About this site

The Remembrancer Order is a fan-made encyclopedia about the tabletop game Warhammer 40,000 and its surrounding lore. Everyone is free to write, correct, and improve articles. The Order currently consists of 43 articles which have been edited 872 times.

Please note that this wiki is for official canon only, fanon and personal armies can be placed on user pages.

Featured Article

You can put a "featured article" here to show off the very best pieces that your community has done — or alternatively, you can use this space for something else if featured articles aren't "your thing".

Did you know...

  • Uriel Ventris, Captain of the Ultramarines, has been transformed into a Primaris Space Marine
  • Garviel Loken rejected joining the Grey Knights, instead deciding to fight alongside Nathaniel Garro and the Seventy.
  • Calas Typhon is the son of a human woman and a member of the Pale Kings
  • Haarken Worldclaimer has decreed he will conquer Vigilus within eighty days.